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Silver State Striders Ultra Runners Mission: We advance the community of ultra running by volunteering; by encouraging runners who are new to the sport; by supporting runners who are already involved in the sport; by conducting our training in a friendly and supportive environment; by training and racing through all types of weather and on all types of terrain; by knowing that all runners, no matter ability or accomplishment level, are all members of the same community.

The Silver State Striders Ultra runners use training schedules and foundational ultra philosophies designed by several of the area’s top ultramarathoners. The Striders’ Ultra training philosophy is based on proven effective training runs and nutritional techniques.

A core group of runners, who are among the most experienced Ultra runners in northern Nevada, devise the year’s training schedule based on the needs and race goals of the Striders’ Ultra group.

The ultra training group normally runs together Tuesday and Thursday evenings, at various locations throughout Reno, as well on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Run distances on weeknights is usually in the 9- to 12-mile range, with long runs on Saturdays stretching from 16 to 30 miles. Most of the runs are done on trails, with a good amount of climbing and descending. However, due to COVID-19 mitigation concerns and the current public health guidelines, these weekly runs are currently paused. We are hoping to bring them back when public health conditions in our community improve. When they do return, weekly runs, with times, locations and driving directions, are posted each Monday on the Training Schedule page, as well as the Truckee Meadows Running Facebook.

Due to the many uncertainties that the 2021 ultramarathon race and volunteer season has undergone, the Striders have made the decision to use the following procedure in determining our one entry into the Western States Endurance Run for 2022.

We have made this decision based on a number of factors, perhaps the most important being that not all individuals due to the pandemic felt comfortable or were able to accumulate a specific number of volunteer hours due to the constantly shifting dynamics of the pandemic. Volunteerism and contributing to the success of the Striders in a tangible ways remain the focal point of our criteria, In an effort to be fair, however, we’ve added a few more steps for this year’s drawing.

To be considered for the Striders’ Western States lottery, you must have done and do the following:

  1. Achieved a qualifier at a Western States qualifying race during the two-year qualifying period of November 4, 2019-November 7, 2021 that would officially place your name in the Western States Endurance Run December 2021 lottery.
  2. Submitted a brief statement explaining how you have contributed to the Striders’ mission and success over the past year.
  3. If you have volunteered at Strider events which have traditionally served as the basis for volunteer hour requirements (The Canyons 100K Deadwood aid station; Silver State 50/50; Foresthill aid station at Western States; Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs Tunnel Creek aid station), please list any of these four events at which you’ve volunteered and the number of volunteer hours you have accumulated.

In order to be considered for inclusion in the Striders’ lottery, you must submit this information to John Trent, jhtrent@charter.net, no later than Sunday, November 14.

Once the information has been gathered, a committee will evaluate all submissions. Depending upon on the number of submissions, a minimum of at least three finalists will then have their names placed in the Strider lottery, which will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 23, at 6 p.m. at Eclipse Pizza. The first name drawn in the lottery that night will be the Striders’ representative in the 2022 Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run. A second name will then be chosen to serve as the Striders’ alternate. The alternate can still have their name placed in December’s Western States lottery.

Questions regarding the Striders’ WS lottery? jhtrent@charter.net
General questions regarding Striders ultra training? 
Email striderstrail@gmail.com