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Training Runs: Oct. 8th, 10th, & 12th

Here are this week’s runs: 
Tuesday, Oct. 8: Meet at Huffaker School, 5:45 p.m., and we will run Bartley/the Pasture/Country Estates Loop/back through the Pasture/Up Windy Hill and back to the school for 5ish miles or keep going out of the park after Windy Hill up Evans, down Ridgeview to Plumas to Manzanita and back to the school on Lakeside for 9ish miles; 

Thursday, Oct. 10: Meet at Manzanita Trailhead and run out and back on the Ditch as far out as the “fence” 4.5 miles and back or as far out and back as you’d like; 

Saturday, Oct. 12: Check social media for long run possibilities or consider volunteering at the first UTLT races this weekend. Kaycee Green has details, send her a private message via social media.

Happy miles!