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Training Runs: Oct. 29th, 31st & Nov. 2nd

First, congratulations to all who ran/crewed/paced at Javelina. Everyone covered different distances this weekend, but the common thread was this: We all found a little bit of ourselves in the shared experiences and the shared humanity of being friends and supporters of one another. Congrats to all. Second, good luck to all who are running RDL this weekend. Remember that race doesn’t start until you get to the Overlook. Let everyone else go crazy at the beginning and then catch them once the sun goes down because you ran smart and in the moment early. 

Here are this week’s runs: 
Tuesday, Oct. 29: Meet at Huffaker School near Bartley Ranch, 5:45 p.m., and run Bartley/the Pasture/Country Estates Loop/the Pasture/Windy Hill and back to Huffaker for 5ish miles or extend the run from Windy Hill up Evans, down Ridgeview to Pumas to Manzanita and back to the school for 9ish miles. 

Thursday, Oct. 31: Meet at Manzanita Trailhead, 5:45 p.m. and run out and back for anywhere from 5-9 miles.  Happy Halloween! Dress up if you want to celebrate with us!

Saturday, Nov. 2: No planned group run. Check social media for plans that members put forward.