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Training Runs: March 20, March 22 and March 24

Tuesday, March 20: Meet at Keystone Canyon Trailhead, 5:45 p.m., run to Three Trees and back, 8 miles (bring a headlamp just in case).

Thursday, March 22: UPDATE DUE TO WEATHER, THIS RUN HAS BEEN CANCELLED: Tahoe Mountain Milers co-op run! Let’s meet the Mountain Milers at Bully’s in Carson (3530 N Carson St, Carson City, NV 89706) at 5:30 p.m.

Saturday, March 24: Toll Road 7:30 a.m. Run all the way up to the V.C. Highlands Fire Station, then stay on Lousetown Road until it re-connects with Highway 341; then turn around and come back the way you came. Should give us about 22 miles total. If you’re looking for a bit more, turn up Highway 341 and run towards Virginia City and back to get any extra mileage that you need (please be aware of fast moving traffic on 341).