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Training Runs: March 14, March 16, March 18-19

Tuesday, March 14: Meet at Woodchuck, 5:45 p.m., run to Thompson Trailhead, drop down from Thompson Trailhead on the Steamboat Ditch connector trail for a few hundred yards, cross Steamboat Ditch and take the trail paralleling Hunter Creek back up the other side of the canyon (this will get you to the other side of Hunter Creek) then proceed on up to the Power Line/High Road to the Hole in the Wall, then drop down to the Ditch Trail and run back to Woodchuck for 9 miles.

Thursday, March 16: Meet outside of Rancho San Rafael Park at the Washington Street entrance at 5:45 p.m., run through the arboretum a la the Silver State 50 course, up the edge of the dog park and out of the park the McCarran underpass, then run into Evans Creek Canyon, up the switchbacks at the end of Evans on to the Radio Towers. Turn around and run back from the Radio Towers for 8 miles.

Saturday, March 18: Meet at the bottom of Toll Road at 7 a.m. and run to the Virginia City Highlands Fire Station via Cartwright Road, then run the Fire Station Loop and run back to Toll for 29 miles. Option 2: Start at Toll at 7, run the Fire Station Loop for 22ish and then get a ride back down to your car at Toll. Option 3: Start at the Fire Station at 8:25 a.m. and run the Fire Station Loop for 16 miles.

Sunday, March 19: Co-Op Run with our friends from Tahoe Mountain Milers/Escape From Prison Hill. Meet at Silver Saddle Ranch in Carson at 8-8:20 a.m. and run either the Prison Hill 10K or half-marathon courses.

Notes: As a precaution, remember to bring a headlamp with you for the Tuesday and Thursday night runs for the next couple of weeks.