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Training runs: Jan. 28th, 30th, Feb. 1st, & 2nd

Here are this week’s runs: 
Tuesday, Jan. 28: Meet at Huffaker School, 5:45 p.m., run through Bartley to the Pasture to Country Estates Loop, back through the Pasture up Windy Hill and back to the school for 5-ish miles or continue from Windy Hill up Evans, down Ridgeview to Plumas to Manzanita to Lakeside and back to the school for 9-ish miles; 

Thursday, Jan. 30: Meet at Eclipse Running, 5:45 p.m. for Thursday Hills, either 7-ish mile option or 10-ish mile option … for folks with races coming up in February or March, you should be transitioning to the 10-ish mile option by now; 

Saturday, Feb. 1: Meet at Pinehaven, 7:30 a.m. and run the Gaspari Loop, the Meat Grinder to Thompson Trailhead, the High Road via the power lines to the top of the Hole in the Wall, drop down to the Ditch Trail and follow the Ditch ALL THE WAY to Woodchuck (don’t take the shortcut at the water diversion), go up Woodchuck on the pavement back to Thompson and follow the Meat Grinder back and then do the Gaspari Loop (don’t take the short cut back to the cars) in reverse back to Pinehaven for 21ish miles; 
Sunday, Feb. 2: Volunteer or run at or to the You’ve Gotta Be Crazy Run in Verdi. For people who wish to run over to the Crazy Run via Peavine as has become the tradition, meet Kaycee Green at the Hilltop Park fields off of King’s Row/Buckinham Square at 6:45 a.m. Bring your dry clothing for after the run and give it to Kaycee. The run is up King’s Row until you get to the opening between houses a little under a mile where you’ll access the Peavine Faceoff course and Forest Service Roads that will take you up the “face of Peavine.” Once you are near the top of Peavine (you never reach the actual summit of Peavine), you will turn left at the Peavine aid station spot (on maps called “Hawk Meadow Trail”) then run to Whale Rock Meadow and then down to River Bend (make sure you don’t mistakenly run into Somersett/Del Webb near the end … you want to stay on the trails over the last mile or so that stay parallel and eventually away from Somersett but never go into the development itself) and then pop out onto Highway 40 at the River Bend turnout and follow old Highway 40 into Verdi to Verdi School. It’s about 14-15 miles total. Be prepared for snow at the top and as you run down to Whale Rock Meadow. Look out for one another and make sure everyone knows where they are going. When you meet up and if no one on Sunday morning has any previous knowledge of this run, you might be better served to run on the roads from King’s Row to Verdi. Please have this conversation before you head out — that someone knows where they are going and you will look out for one another as you run over to Verdi School.

Don’t know where the start is? Check out coordinates here: