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Training Runs: Jan. 14th, 16th, & 18th

We’ve got a variable weather week on tap for this week, so here are this week’s runs with a couple of slight adjustments: BTW, best of luck to Robert Johnson at this weekend’s HURT 100!. 

Tuesday, Jan. 14: Meet at Huffaker School, 5:45 p.m., run through Bartley Ranch, the Pasture, Country Estates Loop, back through the Pasture up Windy Hill and back to the school for 5ish miles or continue on up Evans, down Ridgeview to Manzanita and back to Lakeside and the school for 9ish miles;

Thursday, Jan. 16: Meet at Mayberry Landing Shopping Center (home of Walden’s and Eclipse Pizza) at 5:45 p.m., for a flat and likely snow-bound road run … run down Mayberry across McCarran to left on River Run Parkway, then a quick right on River Berry Drive to Crissie Caughlin Park/Idlewild Drive, follow Idlewild into Idlewild Park on the Crooked Mile/Latimore, then once out of the park left on Booth Street Bridge, right on Riverside, following Riverside to Arlington, right on Arlington across the bridge, left on Mount Rose, right on Lakeside to Virginia Lake, right on Country Club to Plumas, right on Plumas, left on Urban at the ending of Washoe Golf Course, right on Arlington, left on Rosewood which turns into Pineridge (you will get to experience running uphill on what is usually a long downhill on the usual Thursday Night Hills course!), stay on Pineridge across Sharon Way, keeping on Pineridge all the way to Plumb Lane, left on Plumb, right and down Hunter Lake, left on Mayberry back to Mayberry Landing for 9ish miles;

Saturday, Jan. 18: Meet at Pinehaven, 8 a.m. Run Gaspari Loop to the Meat Grinder to Thompson Trailhead, to the High Road, dropping down from the High Road at the Hole in the Wall, back to Woodchuck via the Ditch Trail, follow Woodchuck back up to Thompson and take the Meat Grinder back to Pinehaven (no Gaspari on the way back), for 18 miles.

Don’t know where the start is? Get directions here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19Fqx73T8fOMS2_nmLI1CPxslW36Rnq6tk_l2Z5Ccz6M/edit?usp=sharing