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Training Runs for 4/11-4/17

Here are this week’s runs:

Tuesday, April 12: Meet at Keystone Canyon at 5:45 p.m. and run to Three Trees and back for 8 miles total; 

Thursday, April 14: Meet at Rancho San Rafael by the Arboretum at 5:45 p.m. and run up Evans Canyon a little past the Radio Towers until you hit 4 miles then run back for 8 miles total; 

Saturday, April 16: Meet at Mayberry Landing at 8 a.m. and run up the Alum Creek Path/Trail to Pinehaven, then do the Gaspari Loop up to the “Gate,” then continue on west on the “Lollipop” loop (there will be light ribboning from the Gate marking the Lollipop) which will take you about another mile and a half up before looping back down to the Gate, then back down to the Meat Grinder to Thompson Trailhead, then take the Hunter Creek Trail to the waterfall and then back down to Thompson, then take the Meat Grinder back to Alum Creek back to Mayberry Landing. This run should be about 25ish miles and offers numerous spots to get back to the roads just in case the conditions get a little dicey on Saturday. If conditions are just typical spring weather fare — manageable wind, manageable  rain/snow, and some manageable mud, it could make for a good day!There will be a water drop at Thompson Trailhead for the folks who are coming and going.

Don’t know where the start is? Check out coordinates here: 


Happy miles!