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TRAINING: April 12, 14, 16

This Weeks Runs:

  • Tuesday, April 12: Meet at Thomas Creek Horse Trailer Parking Lot, run to the Wilderness information sign, back down to Dry Pond connector, up to Dry Pond and back via Timberline, 9ish miles;
  • Thursday, April 14: Meet at Pinehaven, 5:45 p.m., run the Gaspari Loop then up to the Gate, then back down the same way as going out, 8 miles;
  • Saturday, April 16: Meet at Foresthill School, 6:45 a.m., for a few options: Option 1, out and back to Last Chance for 37 miles total; Option 2, out and back to Swinging Bridge for 31 miles or Option 3, out and back to Deadwood Cemetery for 25 miles.

A couple of 50M events behind us, and now time turn our attention to the races of May/June/July.